Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Masonic Perversion is to blame, not guns

Masonic Perversion will corrupt the soul

Cabalist/Masonic social and cultural engineering is to blame for the recent murders committed by Elliot Rodger, not guns. We are all essentially exposed to the masonic perversion which fills our media,education and cultural institutions all day, everyday. Unfortunately, for Elliot Rodgers, a young  boy who was raised in a depraved Hollywood culture dominated by Cabalist Jews and Masonic gentiles, one is only left to wonder, why didn’t this happen sooner ?

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By Scottie Spencer (Smoloko President)

Firstly, lets begin by defining the current state of affairs we all find ourselves surrounded by all day, everyday.  These “affairs” I speak of are silent in their exposure, yet significant in their impact. They are known as “silent weapons”. The average Joe and Jane can suspect something is wrong, but  just can’t place their finger on what it exactly is. The subtle, but enormously large impact it has on the world is absolutely devastating in terms of cultural and political “advancement”. What we know as “history” and “spontaneous events/revolutions “, are in reality orchestrated hoax’s and magick conjured up by the Cabalist/Masonic Babylonian spawned banking families who have used their fraudulent monopoly over our credit creation to highjack and control the world to suit their perverse,cabalist,masonic nature while enslaving us with their neo-bolshevik police state to maintain their illegal and evil ownership of our credit.

The problem all truth-seekers and finders of knowledge have to understand is that Usury is the original sin. Usury is the devastating force in which gives the Illuminati their monstrous heartbeat. The heartbeat of the Illuminati is Usury, and if you wanted to take it a step further, the heartbeat of Usury is Satanism. Pure,rotten,depraved evil. This evil has stemmed into everything because with their money, unfortunately comes their agenda.

Cabalist’s Favorite family destryoing weapon of choice – porn of course

Which leads me to Hollywood. Hollywood is a major mind and perception programming machine for the Cabalist Bankers, and they leave this weapon to their Cabalist/Masonic cronies who they have placed inside the enter(train)ment industry to ensure that the goyim and useless eaters stay dumb-downed,distracted,and depraved. I call this the triple D attack. We are constantly under attack from the triple D strategy. Many don’t even realize it because they are so pre-occupied with thoughts of sex,money and materialism. Which is essentially the Cabalist mindset, which has been passed down onto us from our central banking masters into well-crafted sugar-coated perversion/dysfunction we mistakenly identify as “media” and “education”.


The recent shooting spree of Elliot Rodger is no surprise to me. This young man grew up surrounded by Cabalist/Masonic dysfunction his entire life. I recently found out that Elliot’s father , get ready now…

 Peter Rodger sells black and white images of naked women for $1,250 through the famed Saatchi Gallery

no wonder the kid always thought about sex…
While his son produced numerous videos and a 140-page manifesto plainly spelling out his raging hatred of women, Peter Rodger has composed a rather more tasteful, albeit risqué portfolio, a sShowbiz 411 has revealed Rodger, who was the assistant director on the Masonic Jew Hollywood smash, The Hunger Games, ( a movie which blatantly predicts the elite’s planned agenda 21 enslavement policies and of the future) even asked one of his nude models to pose at that monument of eternal love, the Taj Mahal – built by an Indian emperor in memory of his beloved wife who died. So here we have this kid’s father, engulfed in the Hollywood lifestyle, taking photos of young naked women for a living and producing Agenda 21 inspired Hollywood movies…I mean come on, it doesn’t take a genius here to figure out that this guy was another “viagra,sex-obsessed,man-child” who was too busy filling the need for his cabalist perversions, rather than attending to his child-in-need…This is exactly what the Cabalist Bankers want…dysfunctional families and the end to the traditional families…

Peter Rodger – Victim and unknowing agent of the Masonic Agenda
Let’s tell it like it is –
Elliot Rodger was one out of millions of young adults who came from a broken home with a divorced mom and dad. His dad was hotshot hollywood executive producer who helped make  Calbalist/Masonic illuminati mainstream perversion which definitely did not help the situation, and this probably led to the reason why this kid was hooked on porn. I blame his rampage on the depraved cabalist Jew controlled Hollywood lifestyle his father was part of and the dysfunction it spread into his family life , rather than blaming it on guns LOL ! Porn is a illuminati weapon, it will literally erode your soul and FUCK YOU UP PSYCHOLOGICALLY. So be careful young guys. I admit, I have watched my fair share of porn many times, but now I am aware of it’s agenda and what it can do to you emotionally and mentally, so BEWARE. I suggest reading Porn is a Illuminati Weapon by Henry Makow, go here
I can see the Cabalist perversion everywhere I go, such as all the sex and depravity shoved down our throats in mass media whether it be in public while sitting at a coffeeshop overhearing a young woman brag about her divorce as if it were cool to have a divorce now, or whether it be browsing on Tinder but only to find out the majority of the girls online are products and duped victims of a destructive satanic culture which promotes ‘equality’,’feminism’, and ‘women rights‘, yet when really all of these ‘social movements’ are in reality just the usual Rothschild Cabalist/Masonic psyops being used to target and enslave modern women to the level of sexual-objects and worker-drones , all the while disguised as promoting ‘equality’ ,’womens rights’ and ‘sexual liberation‘….What’s the result of all this you ask ? A GIGANTIC AND DEVASTATING BLOW TO HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE AND THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY PARADIGM .
No one will say it, not the left or the so called  “conservative right”  wing media, that this young man Elliot Rodger was the result of growing up around a culture controlled by satanically inspired Cabalist Jew central bankers, whose main aim is to destroy any moral order left standing,  to degrade the masses (goyim) into isolated, dysfunctional,depraved  empty vessels with no families to turn too, but always left with the all seeing eye of the mainstream culture to fill our soulless bodies with as much masonic perversion as possible, and in the end, to be chewed and spit out and tossed aside so the next young naive chump can be churned into another useless eater. Let us take this story of Elliot Rodger as a lesson of morality, especially to all of you young parents reading, if there are any anymore, to understand that you must guide and direct your child toward God,nature and show them moral discipline , no child should be left under attack from television’s constant barrage of sex,obscenity and violence which only dilutes the young innocence and imagination out of a child, take charge, and trust in God and never lose hope.  For as this story shows, you can have all the money in the world, and still be the poorest soul in town. This father, Peter Rodger was a man-child who never grew up because he comes from that “playboy sexual revolution” era  and was duped as millions of men/women are right now, into believing that materialism and sex come before family and marriage. For if this young man Elliot’s parents  would have stuck together and kept the family in-tact, this probably all would have never happened…
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