Friday, April 1, 2016

America, A Converted Nation

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Much has been made about my Facebook post that I did last Saturday when I decided to withdraw any past or future support for the candidacy of Donald Trump for many reasons.  The first reason was due to Trump’s support for the fake state of Israel and his own statements at last week’s AIPAC conference that he would fight wars for Israel and stand by them.  It goes against my very own existence to give any kind of support or aid to the destruction of any group of people for that was the ways my grandmother raised me since I was born.  The next reason was due to the fact that most of his supporters have a misguided history and perception that they must shut down immigration in this nation to maintain America as a “white nation”.  

The last reason was due to Trump’s affiliation with the vast amounts of Jews and the new found rumors and evidence that he is a freemason; it is even a fact that his entire campaign is being directed by Jews!  It’s even more hilarious that many of Trump’s followers (some who detest Jews and their influence) will follow a man who is held in high esteem by some Jews and has married off his children to Jews, whose same grandchildren will also be Jews by both Jewish law and Jewish religion.

The facts of the matter remains that America was never a white nation, it was a nation created to further the Jewish plot of diversity and multiculturalism.  The proof is in the fact that Jews helped push the slave trade into America as a grand plot to eventually push out the whites and make them a minority in several hundred years; now they will gain that desire as whites will become a minority in America by 2050.  The original land that these same whites yell about was originally settled by Native Indians and Vikings and yes, even Africans as they reached the east coast for trade.

Yet, the same Donald Trump white supporters who are willing to overlook Trumps declared love for the fake, racist, and genocidal state of Israel, a nation who embraces racialism for themselves but calls all another nations racist for resisting the evils of diversity of multiculturalism.  Such idiots in The Cause have lost my support and trust as they have sold out their own values in order to side with a man who wishes to ban immigration into America.

Yet these same white idiots are missing the point in that as a converted nation, America was never designed to be a land to be ruled by whites but only to be ruled by Jews and Freemasons as a fully diluted racial group of brown people would eventually outnumber the whites allowing for full Jewish hegemony over the land. Most Americans are either immigrants or descendants of immigration, yet another plot by the tribe to ensure that there can be no national identity, no core values, no moral values, no moral codes, only a blurred history that they can write and create and manipulate to their heart’s desires.  It is long time that many in The Cause stop relying on political leaders based on false or inconclusive evidence that they are not really working for the Jews. 

 Who is to say that this isn’t yet another Jewish plot to have the public back Trump (just like Barack Hussein 2008 campaign) only to create more economic havoc and destructive wars for their own profits and benefits. The video that I will create later next week will deal more in detail about the cowardice facing members of The Cause who are unwilling to simply lead their own people, in the same manner that Matthew Heimbach is doing for whites in America by encouraging them to separate from the government and to embrace racial futurism. 

I still must ask the delusional Trump supporters, how exactly will he build a wall on the Mexican border, or deport all the illegal immigrants, or even expose 9/11 when he needs congressional approval from the same Jews and Masons that fully control him, his family, his wife, and his entire campaign?  Hillary (also called Shillary or Killary) Clinton has been the person I have long picked as the next POTUS for it fits in with the Jewish narrative of diversity and multiculturalism and international wars for their greedy banks and fake, zionist state!