Monday, December 22, 2014

El Congreso de EEUU aprueba fondo de emergencia de $225 millones al ajercito Israeli


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Congress goes on vacation without extending emergency unemployment benefits for millions of Americans, including 300,000 veterans. But before members hit the road, they passed $225 million in emergency funding for Israel's military.
No wonder this Congress has the lowest approval rating in history. Share to spread their shame.
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 I am in the same situation but against the Rothschild who opened SAP and ORACLE, but they copied me wrong, my professor who worked at the World Bank did not know anything of industrial engineering as a science Is 
The New World Order to make richer the Rothschild? Why did the jew nazy mexican government notify their citizens nothing and instead of that they hidde the New World Order to their citizens?

DId they want to colapse Mexico and USA? How much are they paying to the mercenaries of Corporates and Government? Do not allow these guys to live in our communities they are really a risk, when they knew that I was a creator of the ERP technology they started attacking me with the mexican army in USA and using electromagnetic weapons, moving the San Antonio police against all my family, trouble with CPS San Antonio, with my employer and I do not finish yet, this happens after I was lossed by the CIA Bush illuminati army coming to the States, an indian origen company helped them. 

All of them are connected to the NSA and they are protecting Rothschild businesses The CIA Bush multinational army, including the lion indian IT army, the drug and human trafficking carte members, chinese army in LATAM all of them they follow standard procedures I do not know if the enemies are now a days our friends, they have better idea of how to target the jew nazy illuminati, the CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortari multinational army have infilted all the Corporates and Government in USA and Mexico, adding an indian lion IT army, they are doing accounting and fiscal fraud, and killing our best real citizens 

All the US and mexican judges are jew nazy illuminati, the zionism controls all the judicial power, the Rothschilds are using same squeme like in the election process, they have to pay them back to be choose by them The ISIS and Isreal is training in Mexico a CIA-Bush-Gortari-Fox illuminati multinational army, they include people from India in IT in my technology called ERP and Chinesses to take care of airports, they are extending their army in USA mainly against mexican origen people at this time, and in Sud american and centro America, Mexico might be invaded because of this evil plans against the Americas 

The seudo mexican jew nazy illuminati created a CIA-Bush-Gortari-Fox multinational army that have been crossing illegaly in all the Americas killing real citizens in all the countries, they have been destroying economically countries for years, using internal mafias have been killing citizens no illuminati, in USA it is also happening.