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Zionist Supremacists Caught out Lying over White Phosphorus

rada-burnedThe lying Zionist Supremacists who run Israel have finally admitted they lied to the world in 2009 when they said that they did not use white phosphorus shells agaiunst the Palestinians—by now claiming that they will not use it any more.
In 2009, the lying Zionists claimed in the media that they had not used the chemical weapon against Palestinians (see for example the article “Israelis deny using phosphorus” and many similar ones).
Now however, the Israeli Defence Force has announced that it has decided to stop using white phosphorus to bomb Palestinians—not because of any moral considerations, but only because it does “not photograph well” according to the IsraeliMaariv newspaper.

In an article titled “Due to world criticism, IDF parts ways with white phosphorus,” the Israeli newspaper writes (in Hebrew, but it can be translated using any online service) that “during Operation Cast Lead there was growing international criticism against Israel because of its use of phosphorous bombs in populated areas. When touched by a human, white phosphorus causes severe burns.”
Incredibly, the Israeli newspaper claims that the “IDF has not denied using phosphorous shells during Operation Cast Lead, but said that it did so according to the law.”
This of course is directly opposite to the truth, as a simple internet news archive search shows hundreds of articles published in the media in which they did deny using the chemical.
The Zionist newspaper continues: “However, in light of the [international] reaction, audit, military officials have stopped the use of these bombs.  Bombs containing white phosphorous created a strong [negative] effect internationally and has strengthened anti-Israeli propaganda.”
The paper goes on to admit that there was even no military need to use white phosphorus for “marking targets at night” (the ostensible clamed use)  because night-vision equipment can easily perform this task.
“A senior officer in the ground forces [IDF] said “As we learned during Cast Lead, it [white phosphorus] doesn’t photograph well, so we are reducing the supply and we will not purchase beyond what we already have.”
The Zionist newspaper goes on to inform its readers that the IDF is trying to come up with something to replace white phosphorus (even though it isn’t needed) which “photographs well.”
The Zionist Supremacist state remains the world’s greatest refuge for war criminals and now, thanks to the power of the internet, its lies and deception are so much more easily exposed.

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