viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

Obama Treason in Syria: America Supports, Israel, Al Quida and radical Islam (in that order!)

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David Duke Commentary — True to his Zionist masters, Obama announced today that America would start sending destructive weapons to the terrorists who are waging war on one of Israel’s biggest enemies: Syria.
To illustrate Obama’s treason, even members of the National Security Agency have admitted that al Qaeda is involved in the war against Syria. So now we are going to send weapons of war that will undoubtedly get into the hands of America’s supposed mortal enemy, Al Qaeda, the same terrorist organization blamed by the government for 911.
But when Jewish extremists control America, even the most insane policies make sense. Because, Zionist interests and Israeli interests are literally opposite of that of the United States.

A perfect illustration of that principle is Netanyahu’s quick gut response to the horrific 911 attack. The NY Times James Bennett reported that he said:
 “It’s very good,” ”Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.” [for Israel]
The truth is that Netanyahu and the Zionist fanatics love al Qaeda and they love 911 and they love any and all terrorism against America because their Jewish controlled media can direct American anger against the enemies of Israel rather than the true enemies of America.
One of those true enemies of America is Israel which had to admit that its operatives made a false flag terrorist attack against the United States in the Lavon Affair. Israel also attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 Americans and wounding 171. Both the U.S. Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, and our top military man, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff maintained that the attack was clearly a deliberate attack on our country from Israel, and Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard did more damage to America than any spy in the History of America.
Israel three top enemies are Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Destroying Syria is a key Israeli objective, as it will also weaken Hezbollah which defeated Israel during the last Zionist invasion of Lebanon.
In order to justify the intervention in Syria, the Zionist controllers and their puppets in the White House have resorted to the tried and tested lies about “weapons of mass destruction.” This time, they have claimed, Syria is using “poison gas”–but this was exactly what they said about Saddam Hussein and his mythological “weapons of mass destruction” before the invasion of that nation.
Another fact which the Zionist puppet masters cannot stomach is the reality that Assad is, contrary to their Jewish Supremacist-controlled media image, actually quite popular among Syrians. This is so particularly among the female and Christian elements of that population, two groups which enjoy great freedom compared to some other stricter Islamic states in the Middle East.
Yet it is precisely this relatively secular, and until the foreign radical invasion, peaceful, nation which Obama and his Zionist masters now wish to see destroyed.
The latest actions show that there will never be true peace in the world until the Zionist threat is removed.

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